Hyatt Place Cityview in Fort Worth – is this hotel only for busy people?

Classy, unpretentious, and prompt staff makes guests of feel at home.
Service is impeccable classy but not pretentious a remarkable feat for a city where service is typically snobby at best and standoffish at worst. The Hyatt Place Fort Worth Cityview Hotel defies smug stereotypes, though I did giggle a little when the staff referred to me with an honorific “Ms.”

Clad in a sharp suit and tie, Igor was the first person I encountered at the front desk. He introduced himself like a friend, not a hotel employee cranking guests in an out. Casual, engaging and conversational, he genuinely made me feel at home and even cracked a cute joke or two when he saw me scanning the impressive DVD collection of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 (Citizen Cane, Bonnie and Clyde, Rocky, Pulp Fiction, does it get any better?). “You’re in Fort Worth! I hope you don’t spend the night watching DVDs! But if it helps put you to sleep, I’d forgive you,” he told me.

The bellmen were nimble with my bags, taxis, and doors.

A call to room service for extra towels yielded the goods in two minutes flat and the requested soy milk for my coffee in the second floor reading room appeared within seconds.

The hotel offers a turn down service. I returned to my room after only a few minutes away and found the bed neatly turned down, the blinds closed and the lights on.

I loved the chocolates the staff left on the pillow along with a note with the next day’s weather (rainy and 43°F, brrr).
Small and classy rooms at Hotel Hyatt Place Fort Worth Cityview, featuring Egyptian-cotton sheets, bamboo, and luxe bath products. Upgrade to avoid being near the dinging elevator, especially if you`re staying there for working purpose, or simply book a room on, they provide only quiet rooms.

My room, 1100.004 all rooms are organized in Dewey decimal system, it’s the Hyatt Place Fort Worth Cityview Hotel, get it? was a tiny 200 square feet. The next size up, the deluxe with a queen bed, is only 250 square feet, followed by a junior suite with a king bed, which is 350 square feet.

But to be fair, 200 square feet in Fort Worth is pretty average. Though I’ve seen closets more luxurious than my shoebox room, I grew fond of its smart, classy, understated character. But maybe that was just the 660-page tome “How the Mind Works”, by Harvard professor Steven Pinker, haunting me from above the TV (my room had a psychology theme).

Details matter in this 60-room Hyatt Place Fort Worth Cityview, right down to the European and American converted electrical sockets in my wall, a small vase of bamboo on my desk, ironed Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed, an iHome iPod docking station adjacent to my bed, and the Thymes bath products in my (squint eyes here) very small but functional bathroom.

The view outside the Hotel Hyatt Place Cityview was open enough to let in good natural light, but not so open that I had a view of any landmark buildings. Granted, the building across the street so close that I could see someone inputting data into an Excel spreadsheet (far less interesting than watching someone play around on Facebook during work hours).

To sum up, I want to tell that the hotel is designed for businessmen, not for adventurers. If you are planning an interesting vacation, book anything else. In case you are planning meetings there – check the, because they offer first class meetings!

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